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Spring Car Maintenance

Spring Car Maintenance

Finally through the cold winter, ushered in spring. For car owners, it's not a thing to relax, because the spring maintenance problem is coming. How to maintain the car in spring? How to maintain it?
       I. air conditioning maintenance

The car air conditioner should be cleaned up timely and regularly. When you go back to the living room for maintenance, you can clean the car air conditioner with you, so that the cleaning is more thorough. In addition, it is suggested that the car owner can temporarily stop the car when it is convenient to turn on the fan of the air conditioner for a few minutes when it is convenient, so as to blow out the moisture in the air conditioning pipeline and delay the growth of mold.

2、 Interior maintenance

In spring, the temperature began to rise gradually, and the climate began to become more humid. At this time, the most important thing for waiting owners to pay attention to is the interior decoration of the car. The dehumidification and sterilization of the car in spring can be said to be the most critical thing in maintenance. If the cleaning is not thorough, it will lead to peculiar smell in the car. Therefore, the owner should focus on cleaning up the dead corners of the air conditioner and sanitation in the car during the maintenance.

3、 Paint maintenance

With the increase of spring rainwater, it is suggested that the owner can selectively give more paint finish to do some maintenance items, such as waxing or coating and glazing, because the amount of alkaline components in the rainwater will easily corrode the paint surface and lose its gloss if it contacts with the paint, so it is suggested that the owner can properly give the paint surface a maintenance once.

Car maintenance has always been a very important issue, after all, directly affects the performance of the car and the comfort of the owner of the car. The above three spring car maintenance solutions, I hope to give you in this just arrived in the spring of car maintenance problems to bring inspiration.