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Buy and Sell Cars

Buy and Sell Cars

1. Procedures required when selling used cars:

1. First, go to the Ministry of Transportation Driver & Vehicle Licensing Issuing Office or Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations to show the serial number of the used vehicle you want to sell and buy a Used Vehicle Information Pachage for the vehicle. If the buyer wants to consult, the seller should present the brochure.
2. When the sale is actually carried out, the selling price and date shall be filled in the booklet and signed and handed over to the buyer.
3. Sign the Vehicle section of the Permit and give it to the buyer. The other half of the plate is retained by the seller himself.
4. Because the buyer has to pay sales tax, the seller will give the buyer a receipt.
5. Remove the license plate.
6. Return the license plate to the Traffic Department.
7. Return of insurance.

2. Procedures required when buying used cars:

1. Carefully review the used car literature to see if the seller has outstanding debts as collateral for the vehicle or if the ownership is clear before payment.
2. Within six days of the transaction, the buyer shall go to any driving and vehicle license issuing department for the procedure of renaming. The following documents should be brought with you when completing procedures:

(1) Used car brochure.
(2) Vehicle part of the used car license signed by the seller.
(3) Safety Standard Certificate is valid if it is issued by the Department of Communications of Ontario within 36 days before the name change.
(4) Name of insurance company and policy number.
(5) Ontario Driver's License.
(6) Receipt for purchasing the used car (for tax purposes).

Once you have completed these procedures and paid taxes, you will receive a new vehicle license and a new license plate unless you have an old license plate in your previous vehicle that is still valid so that you can use the old one.