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Replacement tires

Replacement tires

Tire installation

The vehicle involved in the accident may need to be replaced or refitted. At Baygreen Auto, everything was handled on site. You can use this service even if your car has not crashed. This is a good way to avoid the heat of changing tires in the garage in autumn and spring!

About Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS)

Recycle and reuse all kinds of waste tires. If you have waste tires to be disposed of, please contact us.

We represent the following brands of high-quality tires:

We provide the safest and most convenient door-to-door tire replacement and repair services in most regions.

At the same time, we also act as agents for tire hubs of major brands.

The tyre changing service includes free tyre pressure check, air replenishment and balancing.

Just a phone call, we will immediately arrange to solve all your tire problems. Worry and effort saving, considerate service.

Tips: please prepare the hub key in advance.