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Exhaust system

The purpose of the exhaust system is to filter, reduce noise and then discharge harmful gases from the burned engine into the atmosphere. Routine examination of the exhaust system will help reduce air and noise pollution and improve your health.

Exhaust pipe and muffler

Exhaust hose

Catalytic converter

Braking system

Brake system failure is the main cause of traffic accidents. But don't worry, brake system failures can be prevented by routine checks. We will make strict checks in the following areas:

  • - Wear condition of brake pads and discs.
  • - Wear of brake shoes and hubs.
  • - Brake calipers and brake pump are leaking.
  • - Whether the brake oil pipe is leaking or blocked.
  • - The level height and colour of the brake oil in the brake master cylinder.

Replacing the pads in time before they hit the disc can save you money by avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs. When you need to make the necessary changes, we will give you helpful advice to select parts of different grades to meet your needs.

Disc brake system

Hub brake system

Brake master pump

Electrical system

Superior batteries and a functional charging system are essential to your normal driving.

We distribute world-class brand ACDelco batteries on our behalf and offer a minimum five-year warranty.

Professional instruments enable efficient inspection and testing of vehicle batteries and generators.

A/C system

In hot weather or when defrosting is required, it is the time when the cooling system in your vehicle is working. We have professional cold detection and maintenance equipment that can check, lubricate and refrigerate the vehicle's cooling system.

Need to replace the Freon in the air conditioning system or stop the leak? We can give you complete satisfaction. We are also responsible for the ecological treatment of used freons.