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Regular Maintenance

Automobile maintenance is the preventive work of inspecting, cleaning, replenishing, lubricating, adjusting or replacing some parts of the automobile in a specified period, also known as automobile maintenance.

Modern automobile maintenance mainly includes the maintenance scope of engine system (engine), gearbox system, air conditioning system, cooling system, fuel system, power steering system, etc.

The purpose of vehicle maintenance is to keep the appearance of the car clean and tidy, the technical status is normal, eliminate hidden dangers, prevent the occurrence of faults, slow down the deterioration process, and extend the service life.






Replace engine oil and filter $29.99or more
Replace high-quality brake pads $120or more
Protect high-quality body painting, repair $150 or more




Baygreen is Used Car Dealer-UCDA member, providing customers with quality and reliable used cars, so you can use our service with confidence.


Cooling system

In hot weather or when defrosting is required, it is the time when the cooling system in your vehicle is working. We have professional cold detection and maintenance equipment that can check, lubricate and refrigerate the vehicle's cooling system.




Safety check

You will require a safety check on your vehicle when you want to make a vehicle transfer, renew your insurance, or buy an installment vehicle.




由此可见,定期调整是非常重要的。它通常包括:更换空气过滤器、火花塞、高压线、分电器盖、分火头、汽油过滤器和PCV阀。同时, 它还包括:清洗喷油嘴、清洗进气。


Replacement tires

Tire installation

The vehicle involved in the accident may need to be replaced or refitted. At Baygreen Auto, everything was handled on site. You can use this service even if your car has not crashed. This is a good way to avoid the heat of changing tires in the garage in autumn and spring!

About Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS)

Recycle and reuse all kinds of waste tires. If you have waste tires to be disposed of, please contact us.

We represent the following brands of high-quality tires:

We provide the safest and most convenient door-to-door tire replacement and repair services in most regions.

At the same time, we also act as agents for tire hubs of major brands.

The tyre changing service includes free tyre pressure check, air replenishment and balancing.

Just a phone call, we will immediately arrange to solve all your tire problems. Worry and effort saving, considerate service.

Tips: please prepare the hub key in advance.



Suspension systems

upper and lower control arm

Shock absorber